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Monday, November 1, 2010

Broken glass means good luck

There's a saying: if you break something, it's a good sign, because broken glass means good luck.
I wouldn't like to admit, but I am a believer in superstitions.
Of course, it might be that people just made it up so that they wouldn't have to worry about the thing they broke. If you break something valuable or important to you, it makes you feel better if you consider this some kind of a sign. A good sign.
I am the kind of person that needs to see good signs around me. And so, when I broke my most favorite cup in the whole world, I thought: this should mean luck or happiness, or good news.
I picked up the shatters sadly - tea won't be as tasty from now on. But at the same time I hoped it was a good sign. I could use some luck.
I guess it is common to people to be superstitious, to need something to believe in. After all that's why religions exist: people search for answers, they look for signs and explanations and they turn to something invisible, higher and stronger then they. Or at least that's what they are told. They are assured they'll find all the solutions only if they believe. They are asked to believe in Kind and Loving God, in Cruel and Angry God, in Almighty God, in God as a spirit, in God as a higher being, in God as Everything, in Mother Nature, in Omniscient Science. There are choices, but you are always pushed to choose one of them. And usually people choose, because that's how we are: we need something to believe in, we need something, that could explain... everything.
I would like to believe in myself, but it is difficult and requires strength and will. Believing in something other than yourself gives us the convenience of not worrying, of thinking that there is something else that controls everything and so we can hide behind something called Belief, Faith.
Yes, broken glass means good luck if you believe in signs and prejudice, but if you believe in yourself, you can make anything mean good luck.
P.s. I posted this entry at 11.11. Should have made a wish, but I didn't.


Aismantas said...

taaaaaaaaaai galvok galvok tą norą. Ką jau čia.. Šukės plius noras lygu tikrai išsipildys : D (koks skirtumas, kad pavėluotai)

Hussam Elsherif said...

I stumbled upon your blog looking for a satisfying meaning for broken glass and your well written post was it, and i'm in all the way for every thing you've written.. thank you

Anonymous said...

11:00 when I read this;)

bersse said...

After I finished drinking tea the mug broke into 2 half big half small what is the meaning?

bersse said...

After I finished drinking tea the mug broke into 2 half big half small what is the meaning?